Snooze again, lose again…

I’ve got more fast-breaking developments for you, loyal friends and clients, coming in from all 32 points of the compass. That would include:

  1. Another Zeelander sale;
  2. Another new summer event where you can experience our new Zeelander 55;
  3. Another cool update on said fine yacht; and,
  4. Another Zeelander 72 opportunity.

I’m sure you are all out and about on the water, so I will keep this brief. But right off the bat, check out today’s review of our Zeelander 55 in the Robb Report:

1. A second Snoozeagram!

Yup, two snoozeagrams in two weeks! Last week I reported that Makai, our Norwalk CT Zeelander 44 listing has found her new and happy owner.

Zeelander 44

Zeelander 44

This week I am thrilled to report that her 2012 Fort Lauderdale sistership is now under contract as well.

For the moment, that exhausts our east coast inventory of Z44 listings. However, there are two Z44’s for sale in California:

Zeelander 44 – Harvest Moon
  • Blush, a 2012 model listing for $575,000:
Zeelander 44 – Blush

If you are a West Coast boater, you can be cruising around in just a few weeks. If you are East Coast, I recommend you call me quickly (lest you end up on the wrong side of my next snoozeagram).

Over the years I’ve trucked a veritable small fleet of sold yachts cross-country, this way and that, and I’d be happy to take you through the in’s-and-out’s of the costs and procedures. And, as you’ve seen here on The Fog Warning, I’m intimately familiar with all things Zeelander. So just launch that flare and I’ll fill you in on the particulars.

2. Our Brand New Z55

Earlier this week I retrieved our new Zeelander 55 (at least until she becomes your new Zeelander 55) from her freighter in Newport:
Norwalk bound…

Here’s my delivery report, short-form. By all means, if you have time, call for the longer version.

Long-time readers know I’ve been doing this for twenty years. And most of the $50m in fine yachts I’ve sold have been freighted over from Europe. So this is not (as they say) my first rodeo.

So I can say with deep context and full authority that in regard to this Zeelander 55, I have rarely seen a new yacht come in this flawlessly. I’ve spent most of this week exploring every nook and cranny, testing every system, and checking every last lightbulb. I find her as close to perfect as a new yacht can be. And, I’ll add, she features just about the best paint job I’ve ever seen. Yup, yup.

Her 108 mile run to our Norwalk docks was equally flawless:

Between today and August 6th she’s docked at our Norwalk Cove Marina location, awaiting your private and unhurried inspection. Please call me for a viewing.

And after August 6th, buckle your seatbelts…

3. See us in Martha’s Vineyard!

Last week I shared with you the details of our Sag Harbor event, running from August 7th through the 13th at the town docks.

The foot of the Sag Harbor Town Dock

That will be quickly followed by our Montauk event, running from August 14th through the 16th at the Montauk Lake Club.

Montauk Lake Club

This week I am so excited to announce another event in Martha’s Vineyard!

You can find us at Edgartown’s elegant Harborside Inn for Labor Day Weekend, from September 5th through the 7th.

Harborside Inn, Martha’s Vineyard

All three of these events are by invitation only, and they have begun to fill up (particularly the Sag Harbor event).

Whether it be for Sag Harbor, Montauk, or Martha’s Vineyard, you can easily secure your appointment right HERE, and I urge you to do so quickly.

A Note on event safety: Long-time readers know I sign off my Fog Warning posts with one of two signatures: Either Big Wave Dave (a name given me when I fell overboard at a boat show) or Safety Dave (a name given me by my kids, in some exasperation).

All things considered, I prefer Safety Dave. And under that title I can talk a bit about our safety protocols at the coming events. We’ve been showing the Z55 in Norwalk, as well as the two Z44’s we just sold under these conditions, and we’ve figured out how to do it both safely and comfortably. Your comfort and safety is our top concern. Safety Dave wouldn’t have it any other way.


4. And, of course, our Z72

Last week I hinted rather broadly at a possible Zeelander 72 opportunity for you. I now have more info.

As you may recall, our next scheduled Z72 (#4) is to arrive in January 2021. She will be immediately preceded by #3 shipping this September to Florida, shown here:

Z72 September 2020 Delivery
Z72 #3, as equipped with portable beach.

For those of you in a hurry, this September delivery can now be available to you. Please call me for the details.

Well, you’ve seen here today lots of fast-moving going’s on here at Team Zeelander. There’s nothing I’d like more than to make you a member of the Zeelander family. Your first step (To quote Carol King her friend Sweet Baby James); All you gotta do is call.

See you in Norwalk, Sag, Montauk, or Martha’s Vineyard. Or all of the above!

Big Wave Dave

Blade Seaplane, Nantucket.


You Snooze, You Lose….

I’ve got an almost dizzying amount of news for you, my loyal friends and clients. So much so that I’m taking a short sabbatical from teaching Zeelander University this week. But worry not, your Master’s Degree in Advanced Zeelander Ownership will resume next with Chapter Four, entitled “Stable and Able.” That chapter will lead off with this well known and unforgettable clip, brought to you direct from George Clooney on the wildly pitching decks of the Andrea Gayle:

I. Your Snoozeagram

Yes, one and all, this is your latest in my twenty-year long line of “Snoozagrams.” I am quite pleased to report that Makai, our Zeelander 44 listing in CT, is now under contract!

Zeelander 44

If you didn’t get to see her in Norwark, worry not. It appears she will continue to spend the rest of her days in Connecticut waters.

But you do have another bite of the Zeelander apple available to you! We have her twin sister still available to you (last time I checked).

She is down in Fort Lauderdale, and you can read all about her right HERE. But phones are ringing (they really are) so I recommend you call me quickly, lest you find you are on the wrong end of my next snoozeagram.

II. Our Brand New Zeelander 55

As I blog with you today, our new Z55 is on a freighter somewhere out mid-Atlantic:

Final Loading, Rotterdam!

Courtesy of our wonderful team in Holland, here’s a video of her final (42 knot!) run from the factory to the freighter:
Humming along….

Her next stop? Newport, this coming weekend. She will be available for sea trials at our Connecticut docks by July 29th.

By all means call me now to schedule your sea trial.

Our northern home (when we are not in Fort Lauderdale), is in Norwalk, at Norwalk Cove Marina:

Norwalk Cove Marina
Norwalk Cove Marina. If you’ve been to the Norwalk Boat Show, you’ve been there.

You’ll find us at our 150′ of docks there (right under the Sunset Grill). That’s more than enough room to dock the Zeelander 55 above, as well as our [just sold] Zeelander 44, and of course your yacht when you come to visit us (or perhaps trade it in because where there is a will, there is a way).

I’ll also take the liberty to add here that should you buy the our Z55, and would like to stay local, I can make you an attractive deal on this season’s dockage as well.

III. Your August Viewing Opportunities

August presents you with some exciting opportunities to experience all that Zeelander offers. We are now making appointments for two safe and private events. And a third one is in the works!

A) Your Sag Harbor event….

First, from August 7th though the 13th, you can see and sea trial the Z55 in that gem of the Hamptons, Sag Harbor:

Sag Harbor, at the foot of the docks.

You’ll find us at slip #10, opposite the mega yachts, so artfully shown here:

Zeelander 55, Slip 10, Sag Harbor Town Dock

We are providing sea trials from 10am through 6pm by prior appointment only. Please schedule yours now. Because, as you’ve heard me say (quite recently) You Snooze, You Lose.

B) Your Montauk Event…

From Sag Harbor we head to that other storied yachting capital – Montauk! From August 14th – 16th we will be at the Montauk Lake Club:

We will be the outer dock:

Again, this is by appointment only, so I recommend you jump quick and loud.

IV. And Now For Something Completely Different

Beyond the Z55 in its standard hardtop configuration, Zeelander now has information available on her “topless” sister. She’s called the Z55 Cabriolet-flair:

Zeelander 55 Cabriolet-flair
Zeelander 55 Cabriolet-flair

This new and striking 55′ design is named after the beautiful (and sometimes squirrelly) seaside road that runs from Saint Jean Cap Ferrat to Monaco. If you’ve driven in heavy fog from Nice to Monaco, you may know it too well.

I was in Sag Harbor this week and found it hard not to notice the tremendous growth in the (mostly Dutch) dayboat market of soft top yachts, right up to the twenty meter range. George Clooney seems to get the whole dayboat concept (certainly in comparison to his Andrea Gayle experiences):

Well, the Cabriolet-flair floats quite proudly in this part of the market.You can read more about her right HERE. As always, for pricing (without hardtop tooling, she comes in less than the regular Z55) and delivery information, just launch a flare.

V. And, of course, our Z72

With all this Z55 news, I don’t want us all to lose sight of our Zeelander 72. Here’s the furthest along 72 at this very moment:

This particular Z72 will wrap up in September. Our scheduled Z72 will splash a few months later, at the end of the year. But if a September delivery works for you, I may be able to do some magic. Because, again,

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Until next week, when George and I return Zeelander University to your good graces.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Big Wave Dave (and now a first time grandfather!)

Meet Hallie!