Because if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

The Amundsen 26

by Hartman Yachts

The Mini (or “Pocket”) class of Expedition yachts – those under 30 meters in length – are now offered by a number of builders around the world. Knowledgable yachtsmen and women in search of true globe traveling  yachts now have genuine opportunities to:

  • Carefully compare construction materials and methods;
  • Analyze the all-important merger of naval engineering and design aesthetics;
  • Evaluate all aspects of delivered quality; and,
  • Maintain solid confidence in legitimate world-exploring capabilities.

Hartman Yachts, builder of the widely admired retro-classic Livingstone 24 “Pocket Explorer,” is now pleased to offer a true Mini-Expedition Yacht – The Amundsen 26. This steel hull/aluminum superstructure yacht brings the skills acquired through seven generations of ocean-going boat building to owners who want to go anywhere, anytime, in safety and luxury.

Hartman spares no attention or expense in bringing together the critical elements that best define the term “Expedition Yacht,” including:

  • Efficient, safe and ocean-tested hull designs of Grade A steel, with watertight bulkheads and double-bottom steel fuel and water tanks,
  • Abundant tankage for trans-Pacific range
  • Intelligently-designed back up systems
  • Adequate storage for exploration gear
  • Secure and sanitary isolation of refuse
  • Functional extended passage crew quarters.

These all come from lessons learned through Hartman’s experience in building and operating ocean-tested commercial vessels – freighters that circle the globe, including regular passages from Europe to the Falkland Islands.  Conquering those go anywhere/anytime challenges will now serve you well with this safe, rugged and comfortable Expedition yacht.

Just launch a flare to learn about pricing, options, and delivery times. Because,

Isn’t it time you began your own explorations?