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It is no secret that September is just about the busiest month in the boat biz on both sides of the pond. Racing around as I do, I’d like to take a jet-lagged moment to fill you in on some fun stuff.

First, our CT-bound Long Island 33 Runabout is just five or six weeks away from her delivery!  That’s her brand new, completely stunning sistership above.

I’ll be in Holland in mid-October for our sea trials, and urge you to come over with me for a great time.  Holland is now 100%  open to vaccinated Americans, so just launch a flare for your details..

Next, If you’d like an inch-by-inch video tour of a 33 Runabout (this one with a Med-style Sunpad layout), your wishes are hereby granted:



Moving down my list, the dock-side photo up top comes to us today from this weekend’s celebration of Long Island Yachts opening of their new offices in Holland. I couldn’t get there, but looking at these photos I certainly wish I did:






Finally, I was delighted to get an out-of-the-blue call from the editors of The Superyacht Times, curious as they were about The Fog Warning’s offer of Carbon-Neutral Yacht Ownership for my clients. You can find their unique take on this initiative right here:


OK, ciao for now, loyal clients. But rest assured I am working on something truly big, so keep half an eye out for news over the next couple of weeks. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

As always, big thanks. And enjoy!


Big Wave Dave


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