*** Innovare ***

I. Innovare

The word just just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?  “Innovare,” the root of “Innovate.” It’s meaning in Ancient Rome? “To renew.” My meaning today? Way cool. Maybe even Daddy-O cool….

To be cool and classic ain’t easy. When you can innovate and celebrate tradition at the same time, you’ve achieved (and can own) a rare and beautiful thing.

Here’s an example of an apparent innovation.  This video is from my friends at San Lorenzo Yachts, showing off the rotating radar mast on their new SL78. They call it the Sag Harbor Edition (my home port) because the pesky bridge to that inner harbor has an air draft of 23 feet.

Watch their “way cool” here:

Nice job. I went through this yacht thoroughly at the Palm Beach show last week. If you have questions or want more information about her, call me.

However, I say “apparent” innovation because if the truth be told,  Vicem first did this very same thing ten years ago on this fine yacht:

Mahogany Rose – 2007 Vicem 67 Flybridge

Three cabins, plus crew quarters (2).  20 knot cruise, 25 knots top end

Massive ground tackle

Extra high bow rail, extending all the way aft


The entire “shelf” inverts, bringing her air draft down to 19 feet

And here’s an innovation that no one has copied (yet):  Her convertible guest cabin:

All up!


Desk down

Bed down

Bed down, reverse angle


I just posted sixty professionally shot pix of this fine yacht on our Yachtworld listing. She is seriously for sale. Here’s your chance to avoid that sad sigh when one of my “You snooze, you lose-a-grams” drops into your mailboxSo click away, and note that the owner will consider smaller trades.

Mahogany Rose – 2007 Vicem 67 Flybridge


II. The Classic Side

So the SL78 is impressive. But we probably wouldn’t put her in the classic category. Here at Reliant Yachts we spend a great deal of time and energy pondering how to do cool without losing touch with tradition. And by a great deal of time, I mean literally thousands of hours.

Walking the boat show last week, I was able to do a complete survey of the downeast yacht marketplace. I saw wonderful examples of the purely modern (Mochicraft) and the purely classical (Hinckley, Vicem). But the land between those two shores was pretty empty. And therein lies our business model. It’s the territory where Reliant Yachts proudly plants its flag. Take a look at this RY 60 Express, and I expect you’ll see what I’m getting at:

                     Reliant Yachts 60 Express – Express and Flybridge

I had a blast showing her little sister, the Reliant 40 Commuter, at the Palm Beach Show last week:

If you love doing it, is it still a job?

Over and over again I heard this sentiment:

“Beautiful boat. There’s nothing quite like her at the show.”

I agree, and IMHO that nothing-quite-like-her quality comes from the harmonious mix between the contemporary and the classical. Interestingly, the design that people wanted to talk about most was our 60. Here’s what our standard interiors achieve:

Other custom interiors available

As for the Commuter 40, here’s the listing. She will be in Florida for a few more weeks before she comes up to Newport for the summer:



III. The Stately

The Yacht of the Show — or the one with the longest lines, anyway — was Bread, this 137′ Kanter:

She’ a 2007/2012 for $11m, and she is drop-dead gorgeous (call me if you’d like the inside scoop on her). Her interior is even more stately than her exterior, and she got me thinking about presidential yachts. Presidential, as in,  Sequoia:

104′ Trumpy!

and Honey Fitz:

93′ Dafoe

and Savarrona:

446 feet! World’s longest Presidential yacht. I’ve seen her in three seas – The Aegean, Caribbean, and Mediterranean.

The supremely elegant, stately nature of these vessels lay behind the inspiration for our Classic Motor Yacht Series. And the Motor Yacht that keeps me up at night is our Classic MY75:

Reliant Yachts 75 Classic Motor Yacht

Alternate layouts available

With an almost 18′ beam, and displacing 40 tons, the MY75 will carry you from port to port in a startling, Head-of-State level of elegance. Even more startling is the price:

 This Presidential yacht sails away at a lower price than a new Hinckley 48.

Yes, it’s true. So please (as my old Brooklyn high school friend Spike Lee put it)….

…call for the details if you’re interested.

I ran into many longtime friends and clients at the show who told me that they love The Fog Warning, and quite a few of them requested more frequent and/or longer posts. I tried for the latter today, and let’s see if I can keep it up.  But be careful what you ask for!

Ciao for now. I’m off to Istanbul and Italy in a few weeks, and have much work to do before then.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Big Wave Dave