Long Island Yachts

Holland’s Premier Builder of Luxury Day Yachts

The Fog Warning is proud to present Long Island Yachts Holland’s premier builder of luxury day boats.

Since they first opened their doors in 2006, Long Island Yachts they have delivered one hundred fine yachts around the world. Now, with the completion of their new 6,000 sq. ft. factory in Voorschoten, they are prepared to fully meet the unique needs of America’s yachtsmen and women. Their Classic and Sportsman lines, in sizes from 25 to 40 feet, meet a wide range of yachting needs.

Long Island Yachts deliver a classic look, built with exemplary style and finish, and executed with the best of Dutch engineering. Their family-friendly configurations are wholly focused on providing quality time on the water.  Yanmar and Volvo engine choices from 195 HP to 370 HP,  in both single and twin configurations and IPS drives, support a wide range of performance. And with their solid fiberglass hulls and fully protected drivetrains, you can see why they have safely ranged as far as Antartica.

You can hear the full Long Island Yacht story on The Fog Warning Podcast Episode One.