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St. Tropez? Napoli? How about both?

I. Fancy Free

Clearly, good things come to those who wait. And with Western Europe finally open to vaccinated Americans, off I go. If Europe is in your travel plans this month, let’s try and get together there. Here’s what can be in store for you:

Our first stop is Napoli to learn more about the storied Fiart Yachts, builder of two lines of yachts who’s command of interior space has really impressed me – their Seawalker line of luxury dayboats, and their Cetera 60 motoryacht

Here is a great example of their Seawalker 43 – that rare dayboat with real, usable interior space:

And this is their Cetera 60 – the first yacht I know of that brings superyacht and cruise ship layouts down to a more manageable size (and budget):


Fiart is almost completely unknown in America (for now) but to European families with rich nautical heritages they are famous, indeed.  Famous because way back in 1960 Fiart built the very first fiberglass boat in all of Europe, Conchita:


In the 60+ years since, they have evolved, retooled and advanced to a state-of-the-art facility with state-of-the-art designs. I invite you to explore them with me in Napoli during the last week of July.

Until then, feel free to explore these two informative video reviews. Each of them does a great job in demonstrating Fiart’s innovations in space planning:


          Video Review of the Seawalker 43


                 Video Review of the Cetera 60

If you can’t get there this month, both will be on display at the Cannes Boat Show from September 7th through the 12th. Nothing would make me happier than meeting you there as well.

From there it’s off to France’s Cote d’Azure for a viewing of hull #1 of the Long Island 40 Classic:

If you are in the St. Tropez area in the first week of August, I’d be delighted to show you her as well. Hull #2 has just sold (for Holland) and America is clearly ready for #3. As you very well may already know, you can now design, price and calendar your Long Island Yacht online, easy peasy.

While in St.Tropez, I’m quite excited to be doing a sea trial of this gem among gems, Stockholm’s  J Craft 42 Torpedo:

I first saw this 47 knot wonder in Cannes two years ago. Her styling, fit and finish was among the finest I’ve ever seen, as you’ll see through a close look at this video:


                   Click for a rocking video

It’s hard to say no to a St. Tropez sea trial (I know, I tried). So just give up and come along for the ride with me on the afternoon of August 3rd.

II. What a Nice Surprise

I guess that sometimes when you do something long enough (23 years, in my case) they call you a leader. Fair enough! I am honored to be profiled in Sounding’s Magazine June Issue devoted to industry innovators. And its all because of The Fog Warning’s achievement as the first in the industry to offer carbon-neutral yacht ownership to its clients. Click below for the story, and the inspiration that came during a hot shower….



OK, time to pack. Want to join me, question me, or gossip with me, just launch a flare.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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