The stuff that dreams are made of…


Dreams indeed!

Sixty-five years after Bogart starred in The Maltese Falcon, famed Italian builder Perini Navi stunned the yachting world with this namesake:

Perini Navi’s Maltese Falcon

Movie night, Cannes

Turkish craftsmanship

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

With a budget of almost $200 million, owner Tom Perkins could have chosen to have this yacht built by anyone, anywhere in the world. He chose Perini Navi because they had the know-how to build a sailboat of this size and technology.

And where, pray tell, did Perini Navi choose to build her?

In Turkey!

Specifically, in my Turkish home-away-from-home: Tuzla

The Shipyards of Tuzla, Turkey

Located a couple of hours east of Istanbul, Tuzla’s concentration of skilled craftsmen is a prime reason why we build our Reliant Yachts there. I’m pleased to announce that you’ll be able to see one of those yachts –our 40′ Commuter– at the Palm Beach Boat Show next month.

To tide you over until then, I offer for your viewing pleasure this review of her:

Power & Motoryacht Review – Reliant 40

Speaking of Tuzla’s finest,  I can now share with you the details of our latest sale:

Reliant X40

This rocket splashes in early 2018, and she will be a luxury yacht for a luxury yacht. This exciting mega yacht tender will be of carbon fiber composite construction, have 40 knot plus speed under joystick control, and be balanced by a Seakeeper stabilizer. Homeport will be in Italy.

You can find the full press release here:

X40 Press Release

And of course feel free to track me down for pricing and full specifications.

Now, you may ask what else was built in Tuzla? Howzabout this, our latest brokerage listing:

 Mahogany Rose – 2007 Vicem 67 Flybridge

I am proud to say that I helped design this fine yacht for her knowledgable owner. He is now looking to move down in size, making Mahogany Rose the perfect yacht for someone looking for a ship expressly designed for extended cruising. Anything from a long trip to Maine, a month in the Bahamas, or  the entire Great Loop would be safely and comfortably in reach.

I’ve come across very few yachts built with the kind of foresight and intelligence that went into this V67.  For example:

  • She has a fully rotating radar mast. In her “upside-down” position her “vertical draft” is 19′. You may have come across that critical number in your travels and readings because that is the height of the Chicago Bridge that connects Lake Michigan to the Illinois River. No boat can do the Great Loop unless it can get under this bridge. Mahogany Rose clears it every time.
  • She has a massive twin windlass anchor system, one more commonly found on hundred-foot yachts.
  • Her bow and stern thrusters are those spec’d for an 85′ yacht.
  • A unique Murphy-bed type design converts her guest cabin’s queen-size berth into a full size executive desk.

Desk down

Bed down

I could go on and on (trust me, I will) but you get the idea. I will have updated pix shortly. But of course you can see the full listing at:

Our Yachtworld Listing

So, loyal readers, please stand by for a flood of news in the next few weeks, including details about:

  • Our display at the the Palm Beach Boat Show.
  • A brokerage Reliant opportunity
  • Some exciting sailboat news.

But for now, you know the drill – Any questions or comments, just launch a flare.

And remember, as always, the only line I’m famous for in this industry:

You Snooze, You Lose!

Thanks for listening.