Vicem is Back, and ….

…. I’m back with Vicem!

Yes, loyal clients, it is true. After a nine-year break, I am beyond thrilled to be reunited with my old friends in Istanbul again!

Long-time readers will recall that I worked directly with Vicem for nine years, up until 2012.  During that time I was honored to have sold more Vicem’s than anyone on the planet. Most were custom builds – yachts that required monthly commutes to Istanbul, and lengthy planning session with clients who knew exactly what they were looking for.

Now I am amused to renew my friendships with the flight crews of Delta Airline flights #73 and #74, JFK to IST and back!  And I encourage you to accompany me on a factory tour (starting with a November 15th trip). To revisit and update all of that history, if you first started with me on my original Vicem Blog, I’m happy to say that I will be bringing that publication back to life for you all quite soon.

As you have seen here, when I returned to the industry in 2015 it was with a special focus on Dutch yachts. Now I’ve got a two-fer for you here, bringing the Fog Warning’s unbridled enthusiasm for the very best of Dutch building with my friends at Long Island Yachts, and for the very best of bespoke Turkish builds with Vicem Yachts.

Vicem has grown mightily during my time away. In recent weeks I’ve learned a tremendous amount about what Vicem now does, and how. The biggest news to me is this:

Vicem now builds in both fiberglass and cold molded construction.

Yes, today just all about all their models, from 46 feet to 46 meters are available in both cold molded mahogany or fiberglass. Here is their full lineup:

Reacquainting myself at the Newport Boat Show about what makes Vicem’s yachts so special, I keep coming back to their interiors. After spending the last five or eight years immersed in fine northern European craftsmanship, I will say that in my view what Vicem does with its interiors rivals what the Dutch and German superyacht builders can do, at a real fraction of their cost. Look here, and tell me if I am crazy:


If you would like to reacquaint yourself with Vicem (and what I can do for you with Vicem), please come see us at the coming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. I will be with them full-time from Wednesday, October 27th through the Sunday 31st. You’ll find me aboard the [now in fiberglass] Vicem 50 Classic, as shown here:

Please feel free to begin your V50 photo safari right here:


That V50 is an IPS-drive yacht. Did I mention that most of the line now includes IPS drives? A brave new world, indeed!

As required and befitting this new Dutch/Turkish biz meld of mine, you will be seeing a major redesign in The Fog Warning website over the next month, and of course a tremendous amount of helpful coverage on this blog (as well as the restored Vicem Blog) in the months to come.

But for the moment, pricing and delivery info on the V50 or any other model in the line? You know the drill – Just launch a flare!

Thank you one and all. And fasten your seatbelt, because:

Ciao for now!

Big Wave Dave