You Heard It Here First!


Greetings, loyal clients and readers! Some very exciting things have happened in your yachting world recently (on both sides of the Atlantic) and I’d like to take a moment and dive into what this can mean for you. 

I am thrilled to announce that I have formed a new enterprise – Zeelander Yachts of North America. With a top team of interdisciplinary talents, we are this storied builder’s first exclusive importer/dealer in the Americas. 

If you are curious about the team, here’s the Press Release.

Zeelander has recognized that the best way to stay in tune with the unique yachting needs of the American market – and to take the best possible care of our clients and owners – is to establish this US network expressly for you. I can promise you that a good time will be had by all.

One thing The Fog Warning has taught me is how important it is to fully understand the yachting lifestyles of my skilled and knowledgeable readers. I pledge to put this understanding to good use here at Zeelander of North America. Our single-minded goal is to use this knowledge to assure your quality time on the water. As you might expect, of course I feel the best way to achieve that is by placing a fine Zeelander yacht at your dock! 

To that end, we have opened an office in Fort Lauderdale (with 175 feet of dock space). Service and support centers up and down the East Coast are soon to follow.

So, a little more about this whole Zeelander thing….

Happy owners have long been (and will always be) central to Zeelander’s success. The best expression of this that I’ve found is this “spectacular” (the owner’s word, not mine) video evaluation of his family’s Zeelander experience:

A “Spectacular” Experience

If you would like to enter this same spectacular world with me, I have four unique opportunities to discuss with you today:

First, a triple-engine, 43 knot 2020 Zeelander 72 is available for delivery to your dock at the end of this year:

You’ll find the full Yachtworld listing here:

Zeelander 72 #4 – December 2020 Delivery

Second, A twin-engine 2020 Zeelander 55 with a new and stylish interior comes to us (and to you) this April:

Zeelander 55 #7 – April Delivery

And finally, a couple of trades! I present you first with a 2012 factory re-furbished Zeelander 44She comes to you newly repainted, and with a 12 month warrantee. She awaits your viewing today at our docks in Fort Lauderdale:

2012 Factory Refurbished Z44 – $790,000

And, for those of you up north this winter, I also have a 2013 Zeelander 44, currently stored in a heated, indoor facility in Norwalk CT. She comes with a six month warrantee:

2013 Zeelander 44 – $725,000

Of course, custom builds are also on our menu at all times. 

Questions? You know the drill: Just launch a flare!

And, of course, I look forward to your visit at the Palm Beach Boat Show from March 26th through the Please let me know if I can set aside tickets for you and yours. 

Until then, as always, thanks for sharing these adventures with me. Going forward, from time to time these updates will be coming from a new Zeelander website, so keep an eye on your inbox.


[Big Wave] Dave Mallach