You Snooze, You Lose!

I. You Snooze, You Lose…

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Truant, my Vicem 70 listing (and one of my most-inquired about yachts) is now under contract! Her new owner, an experienced yachtsman who has previously owned some truly remarkable yachts (including the most stunning Lyman Morse I ever had the pleasure to board) knew exactly what he was looking for, and he found it. His successful search says a tremendous amount about his taste, the enduring brilliance of Vicem products, and the “blank check” stewardship of her seller.

But fear not, fellow yachtsmen! I present you with other wonderful and compelling choices. I have spent the last few weeks moving up and down the east coast showing these offerings:

Baron, my Vicem 72 listing:

Mahogany Rose, my Vicem 67 listing:








And Essence, my Vicem 85 listing:


If you are looking for fine yacht for this season, anyone who worked the Palm Beach Boat Show would tell you that quality yachts are trading hands right now. Sales velocity has picked up, and inventory is dropping. I looked at the data last night, and what I see is that older listings are [finally] finding new owners. It does take awhile, under normal circumstances. Almost 400 yachts in the 65 to 85 foot range sold in the US over the last twelve months. I did the (very tedious) math very carefully and found the average time-to-sale was 13 months.

By price, it breaks down like this:

Under $1,000,000 11 months
$2,000,000 to $3,000,000 13 months
$2,000,000 to $3,000,000 12 months
$3,000,000 to $4,000,000 10 months
Over $4,000,000 13 months

Feel free to contact me if you’d like this broken down by specific models, styles, sizes, etc.

I’ve been crunching all this data now to test a hypothesis of mine –  That the greater the gap between a yacht’s original listing price and its final contract price, the longer it takes to sell. I’ll have that analysis for you soon. But meanwhile feel free to call me for a discussion about how this can be managed in your interest.

As far as that interest, quality yachts are growing increasingly scarce. I am here to help you in diverse ways.

First, if you are interested in Baron, Mahogany Rose, or Essence, I suspect you may soon miss out. My boat goes in the water tomorrow. Time is flying by.

Second, if you would like to sell your current yacht so you can move up or out, I can put the full power and reach of The Fog Warning behind you. That power and reach has become industry leading:

  •  Readership just soared past 10,000 readers a year! And all indications are that they are exactly the right readers. As you all know, the focus of this blog is so tightly focused that I’m certain that anyone who takes the time to read is like you – a skilled and knowledgable yachtsman. Exactly the kind of boater you want to bring your brokerage boat in front of.
  • Constant Contact, the email system that regularly connects you to the Fog Warning. has awarded me its 2017 All-Star awardAll Star Award 2016 Winner

The reason? 94% of my recipients choose to click and read every Fog Warning posting. I am honored by your allegiance. Clearly you value what I deliver, and my 10,000+ readers mean you are in very good company.

My approach is to put this award winning content to work in front of my worthy shoppers Let me put your boat in front of their eyes, and I will make something happen. Always have, always will.


Third, even if your yacht is currently listed with a broker you are wholly comfortable with, I can help add velocity to that listing at no additional cost to you. Just launch a flare to hear the details.

Fourth, use me to find the next boat of your dream, no matter where she swims. I am currently helping one client find his ideal Fleming, and another client find her ideal Benetti.

In short, let’s push  The Fog Warning button together and sell or buy your fine yacht:






Thanks, and enjoy!

Big Wave Dave


PS: You knew this was coming….