Your Special Newport Opportunity

Short of a full blown boat show, I can’t think of a more exciting yachting opportunity for my US clients in 2019 than this one:

From June 20th through the 26th I will be presenting THREE Zeelander models, side by side for your viewing and sea-trialing pleasure at Pier 41 in Newport, RI!

First up, the just launched Zeelander 72, in her first USA appearance:

If this virtual tour doesn’t light your fire, I’d genuinely like to know what will!

Zeelander 72 Virtual Tour

For a wider discussion of what she can do for you, check this out:

The digital brochure!

  • Next up, the best-selling Zeelander 55:
  • And finally, the Zeelander 44, just awarded the Motor Boat and Yachting 2019 Boat of the Year prize in their Superboat division:

You can read all about that award (against some very tough competition) here:

Zeelander 44

As I said, a rare and impressive opportunity to see and run three yachts that I honestly consider among the finest yachts afloat. Please call or write me now to schedule your quality time. Because, as you’ve heard me say many a time, You Snooze, You Lose!

Big Wave Dave