"You draw it on a napkin, and we will build it!"

That's been our motto for almost twenty years. Our specialty - connecting the finest European shipyards with knowledgable American yachtsmen and yachtswomen - has led us to deliver almost $75 million in luxury custom yachts to our loyal clients.

Our success has come through partnering with some of the most creative and flexible builders in the industry. Our yards - Long Island Yachts and Vicem Yachts - have redefined what custom yachts can be. They look beyond simply "custom" yachts, delivering "custom-fitting" elegance that turns heads in every harbor they enter.

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Our Shipyards

The Fog Warning is honored to partner with these fine builders:

"If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!"


From Istanbul's finest Craftsmen!


Why The Fog Warning?

In a word, quality.  

The Fog Warning – through its WebsiteBlog and Podcast – dedicates itself to providing our clients with objective views of the world’s finest yachts. And providing them with a trustworthy, respectful path into (or out of) their fine yachts.

We specialize in the finest custom-fitting Dutch and Turkish yachts. But of course we’re here to help you buy and sell your luxury yacht wherever she’s built. Because The Fog Warning has the reach, skills and technology to shrewdly help you find or build the yacht of your dreams, or to sell your current yacht at a price you will respect. 

We’ve learned through twenty years of dependable client service that compromising on quality is expensive. Which is why we devote ourselves towards answering these two eternal questions of yachting:

What makes a yacht great, and why? Who makes a great yacht, and how? 

Your answers can be found on The Fog Warning Blog

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