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Design, Price and Schedule …. Instantly!

I. A Brave New World Long-time readers of the Fog Warning Blog may recall my pre-COVID predictions about the coming, inevitable post-boat show era. Specifically that big-box boat shows – while entertaining – were failing at delivering real value for anyone serious about buying (or selling) fine yachts. For buyers, getting quality, unhurried private time […]


I. Your Neil Armstrong Moment You’d be forgiven for thinking this strange blue marble was some bizarre exoplanet from a distant galaxy, one of the 2,632 (as of today) discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope:   But of course it’s Earth, via a satellite pic taken of the exact center of the Pacific Ocean. It […]

Really now, what is a Dayboat?

“Dayboats” are a myth… … and you can have one this fall. The two hottest segments of the yachting market over the last few years have been “Dayboats” and “Expedition Yachts.” Between Long Island Yachts and Hartman Yachts, I’m lucky to cover the waterfront for you, so to speak. But I put both terms in […]

Tom Brady Goes Dutch!

Welcome to the launch of The Fog Warning 2.0. The new website allows us to share our stories with you in more helpful and engaging ways.  You’ll find more exciting high-value content, more informative videos and special reports, and most of all the latest in compelling story-telling platforms:   The Fog Warning Podcast I’m also […]

Stable and Able

I think I can distill down to three simple words an answer to The Fog Warning’s eternal question of yachting: What makes a yacht great, and why? Those three words? Stable and Able. If your yacht delivers that for you in all respects, you’ve done well. So here in unit four of Zeelander University – […]

Hartman Yachts Livingstone 24

Hartman Yachts Livingstone 24 has been called:  “The pocket explorer yacht that dares to be different.” Hartman Yachts is a sixth generation Dutch builder. Their rock-solid builds share the same DNA with the commercial freighters they build and operate around the world. Hartman’s freighters routinely run from Holland to the Falkland Islands, in all conditions, on […]