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I. A Brave New World

Long-time readers of the Fog Warning Blog may recall my pre-COVID predictions about the coming, inevitable post-boat show era. Specifically that big-box boat shows – while entertaining – were failing at delivering real value for anyone serious about buying (or selling) fine yachts. For buyers, getting quality, unhurried private time aboard is often a frustrating experience (a private sea trial is a far better use of one’s time). As for the builders? Crowds in and of themselves don’t necessarily make the $100k cost per show worthwhile. In fact, such crowds are usually counterproductive.

Well, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the coming of this new age. New, higher-value and personalized sales models are steaming toward us all. Toward that end, I’m pleased to bring you today my new online process to design, price and schedule your Long Island Yacht. In just a few minutes you can “build” your customized yacht, and see how its delivery fits into your yachting calendar.

This week I received these pix of a 33 Classic currently at the molding stage, and delivering to New York in August:


To get a handle on your molding stage, check out the new online design process. Here you can design and calendar your 33 (whether she be a Classic or Sportsman model):


Useful? Hype? Feel free to launch a flare, either way.

II. Our Coming New World

I expect you’ll find this 20 minute YouTube interview entertaining. I was thrilled to be invited aboard Ben Taylor’s Tech Stories on Yachting International. You’ll hear a bit about exactly what [dangerous] career failures first brought me to the yacht biz, and what successes directly led to The Fog Warning’s Carbon-Neutral Yacht Ownership program:


III. Europe Opens!

This morning comes the long-awaited news that the EU will open to vaccinated Americans in June. Personally, it’s been an excruciating wait. But I am pleased that I can now meet clients in Holland to see the entire Long Island Yacht line, including the about-to-splash 29 Classic. And, I will add, to St. Tropez to see and run their 40 Classic. Now that’s a great little vacation.

And then, a follow-up vacation in August! Long Island Yachts is famous for creating spectacular owner experiences. The design and build team understand exactly what hands-on owners look for in an owner’s rendezvous.  Past rendezvous have included a fleet of LIY’s taking a 200 mile trip down Germany’s Rhine River, stopping at well-preserved medieval castles and verdant vineyards along the way:

The owner’s rendezvous that everyone talks about is this open water expedition across the channel to London:

And this summer, you may ask? I’m excited to announce here for the first time that the 2021 LIY Owner Rendezvous will occur in Scandinavia! Specifically, a cruise from Denmark to Sweden, beginning and ending in Copenhagen. Here is your chance to run a wide range of Long Island Yacht offerings in cruising grounds I know well:

Join me there this August? Just launch a flare for the details.


Later, alligator….

Big Wave Dave

The two Dave’s, Rotterdam









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