Hartman Yachts

The Livingston and Amundsen Series

Pocket explorer yachts that dare to be different.

– Passagemaker Magazine

The builder’s at Hartman Yachts have been refining their skills for six  generations. The results – their Livingston and Amundsen lines – are some of the most rugged and elegant explorer yachts to be found anywhere.

Their “go anywhere, any time” reputation comes from the commercial vessels they build and operate around the world. These freighters are designed and built to routinely run from Holland to the Falkland Island in all conditions, on time and on budget. Their Southern Atlantic-proven reliability and dependability is a direct result of robust steel construction, intelligent engineering, and reliable back-up systems.

The shipping industry has come to recognize Hartman Yacht’s  reliability for profitable offshore commercial work. Now, with their Livingston and Amundsen lines, these same attributes are offered to knowledgable yachtsmen everywhere.

The Livingstone Series

The Livingstone range of classic yachts – the 24, 34 and 42 – marries the sturdy yet sleek appearance of a 1930’s ocean liner with the high-tech execution and modern interior of a resolutely contemporary yacht. The latest techniques and the finest materials come together to create a comfort and allure that befit a true 21st-century yacht – one that will turn heads everywhere she goes.

The Livingstone 24

Our commitment to carbon neutal emission standards that apply to yachts.

The Livingstone 34

The Livingstone 42

The Amundsen Series

Hartman’s Amundsen Series of yachts feature true Polar Class hulls, ensuring exceptional go-anywhere capabilities. Their timeless and fresh style exudes practicality and provides superb comfort in both high and low latitudes. Their rugged strength being equally at home in Scandinavian fjords as among the tropical islands of Indonesia.

Designed and engineered with the latest technologies and best practices – learned from hundreds of thousands of real, offshore miles –  ensure that the unique requirements of Polar Class explorers are met. These include:

  • Room for larger crews, with diverse skill sets
  • Intelligently designed storage space for everything from video production equipment in special humidity-controlled areas, to sealed long-term garbage containment areas.
  • Rational, Cape Horn tested performance envelopes that balance range, speed and fuel tankage.
  • Fully redundant drivetrain, navigation, and safety equipment.

The Amundsen 26

The Amundsen 35