25 Runabout

25 Runabout

The LongIsland 25 Runabout is a pocketsized gentleman’s yacht with impressive performance. The protection of the windscreen, the cabin underneath the raised foredeck and the possibility to be protected by the convertible top makes it a very practical boat.
With nice weather the 25 Runabout offers you the pleasure of open boating and in less favorabel conditions you will enjoy the convenience of a dry and sheltered helmstation and seating for the crew.
This combined with the sleeping accommodation, toilet and the fact that you can trailer the boat behind a car enables you to reach further destinations .
The beautiful lines of the 25 Runabout will draw the attention and admirable looks in every marina. The LongIsland 25 Runabout will be the centre of attention without yearning for it.


Lenght 7.40 meter

Beam 2.55 meter

Draft 0.65 meter

Displacement 1.6 ton(s)

Fuel 200 liter

Classification CE-C (Coastal waters)

Construction Composite/GRP/sandwich

Max speed +/- 30 knots

Engine Diesel:

Yanmar 195 hp
Yanmar 250 hp
Yanmar 320 hp
Yanmar 370 hp

Mercury 270 hp

Volvo Penta 220 hp

Mercury 300 hp V8 mpi



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